Springwood decks are far better than the standard 7 ply decks. Resin glue, carbon fiber and other composite materials, better quality control and single deck pressing sets Springwood decks apart from everything else in today’s market.

Springwood Skateboards are made in the DSM factory using many of the same production methods used to make the best skateboard decks in the world. This results in a deck that may cost less but is produced to meet a far higher standard than everything else in the Price-Point category.

Springwood Skateboards feature 100% Canadian Maple veneers that are cut from logs onsite. This ensures that there is complete control of the production from log to finished deck. The decks are pressed in single deck molds using Stiff Glue Extra™. The single deck press ensures every single deck is 100% identical.

Here are some of the features on all the Springwood skateboards:


  • 7 Plies of Premium Canadian Maple. Made with only 1st grade Premium Wood. No Split Veneers.
  • Less glue = more pop.
  • Made in our woodshop so we control the quality.


  • All Springwood decks are constructed with our own Stiff Glue Extra™ with the new K-10 catalyst.
  • Ensures consistent curing processes with less shrinkage.
  • Stronger bond using less glue
  • Added stiffness and a longer lasting pop.


The most important step in deck manufacturing is ensuring every board is the same. Standard manufacturing presses 5 decks at a time, resulting in 5 different concaves. DSM’s single deck press ensures every deck is identical and rides exactly the same.